ASSETT @ Western Oregon University

ASSETT @ Western Oregon University -


ASSETT as a project is in hibernation for 2017-2018. Once we have had time to recruit, reorganize, and realign our goals, we will come back.

Thank you for your support!


July 2017

ASSETT is an acronym for the Agile and Sustainable Supplemental Educational Technology Training working group. Our goal is to increase awareness of, excitement for, engagement with, and capacity to use technologies to support teaching in the classroom and professional development outside the classroom.


In the 2014-2015 academic year, our goal is to provide a series of presentations and workshops that directly address the educational technology needs of:
  • undergraduate teachers-in-training
  • graduate teachers-in-training
  • graduate students teachers who are already licensed
  • staff in the College of Education
  • faculty in the College of Education.
Our 2014-2015 schedule is now here.