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More Uses for Sol Republic’s Deck in Teaching

Two more ASSETT participants have short reports on how they have used Decks to teach in their classrooms.

Dean Deters

Dean Deters writes:

I have a few uses for the Deck in my elementary classroom.

My most recent use was last month, when the power went out. I was able to play music to my class while we waited for the end of the day. Not something that will happen a lot, but it helped.

I have audio versions of my reading curriculum, so that I can have a kid or small group listen to a story while they read along. I installed the audio on an iPad, so I am able to use the Deck to allow a small group to listen to the story. It is very quick, easy, and mobile.

One thing I was hoping to use the Deck for, was pairing it with a Bluetooth Microphone, and using it to make it easier for my students to hear me when I am teaching. I have not been able to find a mic that will work for this. I emailed Sol Republic, and they didn’t have any ideas either.

I know that some classrooms do not have a decent way to amplify audio from a computer. The external speakers which come with most desktops do not have good quality, come with several wires, and are not very mobile. A Deck would be a good alternative to this, as long as the computer had Bluetooth, or you used a Bluetooth adapter.

It seems that it would come in handy during a language class, allowing several groups to compare pronunciation, or practice speaking into a mobile device, and then sharing.

That’s my $.02.


Bill Hamlin writes:

I used the one I borrowed in my ED 270 class when we were exploring mobile technology and podcasts. We played around with the “party” mode that allows various users to take over the speaker. I had groups of students queue up an interesting podcast or video that we could then rapidly share and move between groups without wasting time switching computers, or plugging things in. It really made the activity run smoothly.

We also brainstormed other uses for the speaker in the classroom and out. It was a good example of a useful peripheral that can make mobile tech even more engaging.

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