ASSETT @ Western Oregon University

ASSETT @ Western Oregon University -


We present to faculty, students, and community.

ASSET’s core focus is providing technology trainings that inform and support sustainable educational technology practices. During our first two years, we largely focused on doing specific technology-related trainings and trainings on demand. We still offer some trainings and develop trainings upon request. During our third year (2014-2015), while continuing to present technology trainings on specific topics (using iPads for classroom management; getting to know a SmartBoard basics), we’ve extended our work. We have also sponsored a series of presentations about using technology in our work. Determining how and why we use technology to teach (adults and children), as well as our professional development, is integral in developing a holistic technological practice. A practice that is sustainable, effective, and engaging.

We have prepared presentations on the following technology-specific topics:

  • SmartBoards
  • Clickers
  • Document Cameras
  • iPads

We have sponsored presentations on some of the following topics:

  • Fighting Social Injustice in EdTech
  • Supporting Young Readers with Social Networking Tools
  • Digital Networking for School Reform

We coordinate in-class presentations, workshops on and off campus, and other forms of training based on our individual availability. Please contact us if you have any questions!

ASSETT is done entirely on a volunteer and collaborative basis between members. What we do is in addition to our regular responsibilities and obligations, so sometimes our availability is limited. That said, we are more than happy to present where and when we can and to any audience within the College of Education or teachers working in the field.