ASSETT @ Western Oregon University

ASSETT @ Western Oregon University -


ASSETT’s primary goal is to support educational technology training for educators. We seek to develop and present training that is agile–so it can adapt to an array of needs, audiences, contexts, and requirements–and sustainable–so that expense is limited, time investment is limited, and the process is repeatable.

Developing training is one thing; bringing it to interested audiences is another. Over our first two years, most of our training happened at Western Oregon University in the College of Education. We will continue to offer trainings here–WOU is our home.

Two of our members, Tyler and Bill, have done some solid outreach beyond WOU and connected with local schools. We want to build on their efforts; we want to work with schools and districts in the Willamette Valley by providing trainings in Ed Tech that schools want and need but may not have had the time to develop.

Do you want trainings at your school? If so, please fill out this Google form and let us know the kinds of training you are looking for!