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Research Partners

ASSETT understands that some of the most powerful and pragmatic practices for using technology to support education grow out of collaboration. In the year 2014-2015, we are working on developing relationships with working teachers who also want to test out technology in their classrooms. These teachers are our Research Partners.

Currently our research partners include:

Natalie Clark

Natalie teaches at Kennedy Elementary in Keizer, Oregon. Natalie teaches physical education. She has seven years of teaching experience–five of those at Kennedy.





Tyler Ciscell

Tyler is beginning his second year of teaching 4th grade at Elkton Charter School.  Before starting his teaching career there, he completed both his undergraduate and graduate degree in Education at WOU and was a founding member of ASSETT during that time as well.  To view his classroom website, click here.




Dean Deters

Dean Deters

Dean teaches at Perrydale Elementary and has seventeen years teaching experience.